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Saturday , December 3 2022

Woman wins back custody of children

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 19: The Court of Appeals presided by Judge Nasser Al-Taflan dismissed the verdict of the Court of First Instance which denied a woman the custody of her children and handed them over to their father. The court instead returned the custody of the children back to the woman. According to the case file, the man filed a case, stating that his children were in the care of his estranged wife but they were not being treated well such that their health and psychological conditions as well as educational level were deteriorating. The plaintiff is married to an expatriate woman who, he claimed, is capable of taking good care of the children.

However, the counsel to the defendant Lawyer Ayed Al-Rashidi stressed that the children’s poor academic level is not sufficient justification to deny their mother of the custody. He affirmed that her love for her children is incomparable due to which she is most qualified religiously and constitutionally to take care of the children. Lawyer Al-Rashidi added that the poor academic levels of the children have to do with their own personal inabilities.

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