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Wife sponsoring husband on Visit Visa

I am from India and my wife is working in Ministry of Health Kuwait. I would like to know how my wife can get a visit visa for me. How long can I stay in Kuwait with that visit visa? What are the possible solutions to stay further there after the expiration of such visiting visa? Please advise me if any other kind of visa which enable us to live together? Expecting your earliest reply a.s.a.p.

Name withheld

Answer: Your wife can invite you to Kuwait on a visit visa if she is earning KD 200 or more per month. If her application is accepted by the Immigration Department you will have one month within which to enter Kuwait.

Upon entering Kuwait, you can stay for a maximum of three months without any possibility of extension.

The only visa which can enable you to stay with your wife is when you secure a job that can earn you a salary of KD 450 per month or more and hence acquire a work visa which can either be visa 17 (government) or visa 18 (private).

Under Kuwait law, a woman is not permitted to sponsor anyone on dependent visa. That right belongs to the man so in this case even if your wife is earning KD 450 per month or more she cannot sponsor you on dependent visa.



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