Tuesday , August 21 2018

Wife Pregnant, Can I get Visa for Mother-in-law?

My wife is pregnant and is in Kuwait on a dependent family visa. Can I bring my mother-in- law (53 yrs) to look after my wife until the delivery? Is it possible that I can get a 3-month visit visa? My salary is above KD 500. What are the documents required? How can I show the relationship documents for my motherin-law?

Name withheld

Answer: You will be able to get a visit visa but only for one month — which can’t be extended — because the three-month visit visas are only for the immediate family, wife and children. You have also to remember that you have to use the visit visa within one month of its issuance, otherwise it will expire and you will have to get a new one.

The documents you require are: your and your wife’s Civil ID copies, the rental agreement, copy of your work permit, passport copy of your mother-in-law and an affidavit showing your relationship with the person you wish to call.

This affidavit, in Arabic, will be typed at your embassy from where you have to also get it attested. You have then to get the same attested from Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Shuwaikh. Attach all these to an application and you should have no problems in getting the visit visa.

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