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Wife blacklisted due to failure in medical examination

Thank you very much for giving Legal Clinic solutions to the readers. My concern is the same as many people have already asked you. But I have a different story.

Last year my wife got unfit in India for Xray. Recently we took another Xray and found no scars and clear study.

What is the procedure to bring my wife to Kuwait whose visa is already banned. Is Kuwait giving chance for the people who are cured and fit according to the Kuwait medical rules?

Name withheld

Answer: As you yourself admitted, your wife is blacklisted from entering Kuwait as a result of her failing the medical examination. What this means is that her particulars have been entered into the computer system and hence she can not enter Kuwait. To be frank with you we are not aware of any procedures that one can undertake to delist someone on the blacklist based on medical grounds.

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