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Thursday , April 22 2021

Who will save ‘Kuwait Post’ from lack of concern, chronic malaise?

KUWAIT CITY, May 27: After years of continuous failure in the postal sector and series of routine government statements that were nothing more than anesthetic injections aimed at seeking further procrastination in reforming its affairs, a number of questions have been raised about the chronic problems the facility in question suffers and why it has not received appropriate investment in the past years.

Who is responsible for the accumulation of parcels and the failure to send them to their destinations? What happened to the statements issued by many officials and ministers about the project to turn the sector into a company? Is it not time for government efforts to pull the postal sector out of the quagmire of neglect and administrative chaos?!

Post offices at the start of the coronavirus pandemic faced a real crisis, added to the series of crises the sector has been going through for years, in light of successive setbacks and foreshadowing of its unknown future – in the event that its suffering continues due to timid performance and the absence of management capable of resolving its outstanding issues that have become a chronic headache for the head of the Ministry of Communications.

The post office in some countries has become a source of income, but in Kuwait, it faces huge losses in the absence of prudent management, despite the availability of national workforce capable of pulling the sector out of its suffering.

However, bureaucracy and the absence of incentive stand a stumbling block to every desire to put its hand into the ground of development. This has been was the reason for retirement of competent youth or their transfer to other sectors within the ministry. Complete paralysis! According to sources, the sector suffers complete paralysis alongside the recently disrupted government departments, as all post offices are currently closed while mails arrive continuously through airlines, such that parcels and postal packets keep accumulating.

As a result, officials in the sector asked volunteers from the sector several weeks ago to discharge postal parcels, especially in Hateen and Sadeeq postal offices. The sources indicated that a series of continuous meetings, which resulted in the opening of offices for a very limited period, did not succeed due to the total ban.

Regarding the fate of postal mails and parcels, and delivering them to the public, sources said that post offices are currently suspended, along with all other government agencies. They said no postal parcel has been delivered since the beginning of Ramadan, hoping to resume work after the blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday.

Suffering of the postal sector within a year! The postal sector has witnessed since last July a number of events that confirm the failure of government’s administration in managing the facility, including workers of the company contracted by the sector embarking on a strike and causing delay in post distribution tenders.

The main events are summarized as: 23 million dinars are wasted annually due to mismanagement (July 2019), Cleaners sorting mail (September 2019), Electronic glitch that overwhelms postal services (September 2019), Strike in the postal sector, and the Ministry of Communications denying the existence of crisis (September 2019), Residence trading in government contracts (September 2019), The Ministry requesting heads of offices to transport mail with their cars (December 2019). Serious violations detected in postal tenders (February 2020), Thousands of parcels stacked in Sadeeq and Hateen due to Corona (April 2020).

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