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Thursday , August 22 2019

What to do if current sponsor refuses to transfer visa

I completed my Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering in 2007 from Stamford University, Bangladesh and have already 10 years of working experience.

However, I came to Kuwait on 27/1/2017 with a supervisor visa (Project/18/ shoon) and working as an electrical engineer at a local company in Kuwait but on 27/12/2017 I changed my profession from supervisor to electrical engineer and project visa to General/Ahli also changed company licence but same sponsor.

But as per my educational background and job experience I am not getting good salary. Now I want to transfer my sponsor to another but I don’t know whether I will be able to transfer my sponsor or not.

Already, I have a very good job offer in KOC project. Can you please advise me if my current company/sponsor does not give permission to leave then how long do I have to wait to transfer my sponsor? Or how to transfer my Kuwait sponsor to another in a legal way?

Name withheld

Answer: Despite the change from project to the general file of the same sponsor and change of company licence, you have no room to maneuver here and can only leave the company to another company with the expressed permission of your current sponsor.

Remember you first entered Kuwait on a project visa under which the 3-year minimum service before seeking transfer is not applicable.

Under this scenario you have two options:

1. Convince the sponsor not to object to your request for transfer to another company.

2. Cancel you current work permit, go back to Bangladesh and come back on a new visa.

If you cannot execute any of these options, then it will be better to still be with your current sponsor till such time that there is a change of hearts or in the rules.

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