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Wednesday , January 19 2022

‘We will intensify efforts with Kuwait to include our vaccine’

KUWAIT CITY, July 28: The Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait Li Minggang said he will intensify China’s efforts with Kuwait to include the Chinese Sinovac vaccine in the list of vaccines it has approved to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, saying the vaccine has the approval of the World Health Organization, citing the statement of the WHO chief scientist who has said the clinical trial data of the Sinovac vaccine has shown that its efficacy is very high, and the rate of prevention of critical cases is 90 percent. In a press briefing, Minggang pointed out that more than 100 countries are using the Chinese vaccine, and the heads of 30 countries have received it publicly so far, expecting the ease of travel for those who received this vaccine including the Chinese and citizens and other countries when they wish to enter Kuwait on the first of August hoping Kuwait will not obstruct the entry of those who have taken the Sinovac vaccine

Chinese Ambassador in Kuwait Ambassador Li Minggang

Minggang has stressed that the Chinese government has always supported the scientific tracking of the origin of the ‘Corona’ virus, but at the same time it opposes the politicization of this issue, as the United States has been trying from the beginning to stigmatize China. As for the Kuwaiti-Chinese relations, Minggang called them ‘inseparable’ and stressed their ties are strong and the desire is common to push forward development, cooperation, enhance alignment between the Belt and Road Initiative and Kuwait Vision 2035, and build a strategic partnership for a complete industrial chain in the fields of energy, information technology, artificial intelligence and cyber security.

Minggang referred to the historical relations and close ties between China and the Arab countries, mutual benefit and participation in thick and thin brushing aside fl uctuations in the international situation, stressing China does not and will not seek to have an ‘agent’ in the Middle East and will not look for areas of infl uence from anyone but will play a role in maintaining the security and stability of the region and promoting its development. He said, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Kuwait. Since the beginning of this year, we have witnessed close contact between the leaderships of the two countries and their senior officials in the areas of cooperation and coordination between the two countries on issues of common interest? By Shawki Mahmoud Al-Seyassah, Arab Times Staff

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