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We were not officially notified of closure, say nursery owners

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‘Biggest loser is the child with disabilities’

KUWAIT CITY, July 27: Despite the assertion by the Ministry of Social Affairs that all children’s activities and summer clubs and nurseries must adhere to government decision, some clubs continued to receive children this morning, in addition to some nurseries continuing their work, reports Al- Qabas daily. When the daily made a tour of the nurseries, administrators pointed out the decision did not include the nurseries and that they had not received any official notification or a copy of the decision issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs about not receiving children.

They added, “We will not close the facilities unless we are officially notified by the Ministry of Social Affairs, especially since the decision issued by the Kuwait Municipality the day before yesterday and the previous instructions issued by the Council of Ministers did not refer to the activity of nurseries.” In the same context, the owners of nurseries for people with special needs denounced the closure decision, pointing out that the biggest loser is the child with disabilities who will once again miss the treatment and educational sessions again. “We, as nursery owners, asked questions about our activities to the stakeholders in the Public Authority for the Disabled Affairs (PADA), to find out if we were included in the decision to close or not, but until yesterday we were not officially notified, and that opinions within the ministry are confl icting about whether or not to close us,” said owners of nurseries.

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