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Monday , December 6 2021

“And we are held responsible for low level of education” – One gulf country pays twice the salary received in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, April 16: “We are held responsible for the low level of education in Kuwait without any fault of ours,” this is what the expatriate teachers have told the Al-Qabas daily.

The expatriate teachers told the daily one of the Gulf countries has signed contracts with them for more than twice the salary they receive in Kuwait. The teachers revealed that some of their colleagues are waiting for the results of their interviews and intend to submit their resignations to the Ministry of Education if they are accepted and signed their contracts, stressing that the reasons that led them to leave and look for a job in another place is especially the low salary in light of the high cost of living and the imposition of fees on many services especially health and holding the teacher responsible for the low level of education in the country and this was evident through statements issued by some officials and MPs.

Add to this “The feeling of frustration and instability of the expatriates due to the phenomenon of congestion, which began to expand in the recent period as a result of the statements of many politicians and officials against expatriates in general,” said one teacher. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the successive statements regarding the imposition of fees and taxes on the remittances of expatriates and their use of public utilities and parliamentary proposals, which recommend hiking the prices of everything.

He concluded by saying “also the policy of ending the services of expatriates in large numbers from the government sector, especially the Ministry of Education, in spite of the recommendations of the ministry and its appeals to the Civil Services Commission to stop this campaign. “I worked in the Ministry of Education in Kuwait for 11 years and because of the special circumstances and many reasons forced to continue the job, and now I suffer from the low salary, especially in light of the presence of my entire family which is living with me,” said the teacher. “There is an urgent desire among most of the expatriate teachers in Kuwait at the present time to seek employment in other Gulf countries because of lack of their financial and moral unfairness,” he added.

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