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‘Wasta’ transaction within few minutes – Visitors at the Traffic Department complain of long waiting periods

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 18: Many citizens and expatriates visiting different sectors of the Traffic Department have voiced dissatisfaction on the unjustified jamming and long waiting period endured by visitors.

They added many individuals make use of influence (wasta) in carrying out transactions free of the usual complex routine. In this context, Citizen Muhammad Al- Ali said the sector for traffic violations was jam-packed to the extent that it took him three hours to complete his transaction, stressing the crowd generally swells at weekends.

Muhammad Ma’ayouf said ‘wasta’ became prevalent because it facilitates the completion of transactions within few minutes, while others without wasta are subjected to complex routine in order to achieve similar goals. For her part, umm Jassem said employees finished her transaction very fast regardless of the number of submissions on their desks due to her old age.

Qaisar Bassam also said the employees provide excellent services to visitors, although the latter have to wait for a long time due to overcrowding. Umm Muhammad suggested that places should be allotted for women so as to keep them from joining queues. She also requested additional parking lots, noting she strives to find a space to park her car while visiting the traffic sector.

However, an Egyptian expatriate Muhammad Mahmoud praised the manner in which employees of the traffic sector treat visitors. However, he complained of strenuous procedures he endures to complete his transaction.

An Indian expatriate known as Basha also said he was obliged to go to the General Traffic Department for three days consecutively just to complete a transaction that needed the presence of his sponsor, although the transaction was in his own name.

Citizen Abu Soud noted the employees of traffic sector work according to personal mood. He wondered why there are no employees at the counters by 12.00 pm, although their timing is until 2:00 pm.

By Mishal Al-Sanousi Seyassah Staff

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