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Want to start own business but on Ministry Visa

I have been working for a ministry (Kuwait) on an Article 17 visa for the last two years. Now I am planning to start some business here… I have got a sponsor and he is ready to sponsor me to start the business.

My concern is working in the public sector… am I eligible to start a business? And can I make an agreement with the sponsor regarding the same? Please guide me: how can I do both the government job and business in Kuwait.

Name withheld
Answer: No, you — as an expatriate — can’t work in the government sector and also do business. You can only do one of these things…the government is very strict on the issue and even if a person wants to work for another company on a part-time basis or do business he must get permission from the ministry in which he is working. Even the citizens face difficulty in getting this permission, what to say of expatriates. But, you must try to get this permission — there is no harm in trying for it — before you embark on any business because if you are checked working in any place other than for your sponsor you could be arrested and face legal action.

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