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Friday , February 21 2020

Want to resign after two years – Hired from abroad

Good day, I have a question. I was hired from my country and brought to Kuwait. I signed a contract for only two years and I am going to complete my contract in the second week of December. I had a better opportunity and I am planning to resign this month as I have 3 months notice period, so is it possible for me to get a release from my current company? I am a degree holder.

Name withheld

Answer: Under the laws of Kuwait if a company brings you from your home country to work in Kuwait, you are bound to work three years for the company before you can ask for a release. Getting a release under this condition is regardless of the type of certificate you hold. Touching specifically on your two-year contract, the company has three options — (1) to exercise its option of asking you to work for an additional one year to qualify for a release. (2) Grant you a release after expiry of the two-year contract if it so desires. (3) Send you back to your country at the end of the two-year contract signed. In these three scenarios, your options are almost non-existent when it comes to the issue of release. In fact the only option you have is refuse to work for the third year and in that case you will be returned to your country.

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