Wednesday , December 19 2018

Want to resign and leave the company – Company says have to complete 2 yrs

I am working in a private sector in Kuwait. It’s been 18 months (3 month notice period not included), now I am resigning due to some personal reason even though I got some job issues I don’t want to mention them because I just want to leave my current company and go back to my country.

So once I gave my resignation (notice period of 90 days) to my manager they refused and the reason they are giving is that I cannot leave the company until I complete 2 years with them.

Please advise me if that is legal. Don’t I have the right to give notice period to my company before 2 years?

I just received only an offer letter when I joined and nothing was more mentioned in the offer letter about 2 years service.

What management informed us was about company ticket after 2 years that’s it.

The company saying that this is as per GP visa Kuwait law. Please I need your advice.

Name withheld

Answer: The company is damn wrong in refusing to accept your resignation under the guise that you have to complete two years of service.

The company’s stand is not supported by the Kuwait Labour Law and hence not legal. It looks like the company is confusing eligibility for a plane ticket after two years service to also mean that you are legally bound to work for them for two years.

They can only deny you the ticket if you resign now but they can’t insist on keeping you to work for them for the full two years before resigning. If they are insisting on the letter we suggest you file a case against them with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour through the Labour Department in your area.

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