Wednesday , September 26 2018

Visit visa for Mother-in-law

My salary is KD 900 and I am working in Kuwait on a work visa. My wife and child are on dependent visas and have gone on vacation to India. While my family is coming back to Kuwait soon (they are still on dependent visas), I also want to bring my mother-in-law to Kuwait along with them on visit visas. Can I get a visit visa for my mother-in-law. If so, please let me know the procedure & requirements.

Name withheld

Answer: You won’t be facing any problem in getting the visit visa for your mother-in-law because you are earning much above the salary cap of KD 500 set for this purpose. You must fill an application and attach to it copies of your and your wife’s Civil IDs, rental contract copy, your mother-in-law’s passport copy, work permit (which shows a salary of at least KD 500 or over) and an affidavit (attested by your embassy and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry ) which shows your relation with the person you wish to call.

Submit this application to the Immigration Department of your area and you should get the visit visa easily.

But you must remember that the mother-in-law should not be over 50 years of age although this age limit can be relaxed by the Director General of the Immigration Department in case of “special circumstances”.

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