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Visit Visa for Mother-in-law

I have been going through your legal clinic column and I can’t seem to find a clear answer on how many months I can get if I sponsor my mother-in-law, can you please clarify below queries:

  1. How many months can I get if I sponsor my mother-in-law? conflicting and vague information I’m getting from the web. Some say one month others say three months.
  2. Can you please walk me through on how to obtain the tourist/ visit visa for my mother-in-law. Please clarify the requirement and fees included.
  3. How many days does it usually take to process such visa? Hoping for your reply and clarification on the same.

Name withheld

Answer: There is nothing conflicting about the duration of a visit visa for a mother-in-law. The rules unambiguously state that the duration of visit/tourist visa for any person other than the immediate family of the applicant is one month for immediate family members, herein referred to as wife, husband and their children the duration is three months.

In short you can only get one month visit visa for your mother-in-law.

To apply for a visit visa you need the following documents:

  1. Proof of relationship
  2. Copy of visitor’s passport
  3. Copy of your civil ID
  4. Copy of work permit indicating your salary.

These documents are attached to an application and delivered to the Immigration Department in your area. In most cases this application will be processed on the same day it is presented and it is either approved or rejected. An application fee of KD 3 is charged for visit visa.

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