Visit visa for Family members & Parents

I am staying in Kuwait for last 13 years along with my family. My brother (blood relation) would like to visit us along with his family in December. I fulfill all other criteria to get the visa. Can my brother’s family also can get visit visas?

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, you can apply for the visit visas of your brother and his family if you are earning at least KD 300 according the latest decision on the issue but the Immigration Department always has the last word and has the right to reject your applications without assigning any reason

I am an Indian and moved from UAE to Kuwait in May-2016. Me and my wife have residency and Civil IDs. My daughter is studying in India and she comes here on visit visa. However, can we sponsor our parents for visit visa. Their age is over 60 years.

Name withheld

Answer: According to the latest decision, issued very recently, you cannot get visit visas for parents who are over 50 years … but the Immigration Department does accept applications for the “over-50” parents and issues visit visas under “special circumstances”.

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