Wednesday , August 22 2018

Visit Visa dates

Thanks for the reply to this question. Kindly refer the attached photo of visa, the entry validity dates written in Arabic as 26-01- 2017 and the other date as 25-02- 2017 (just above the signature at bottom), for visit visa as per attached paper. And as I wrote earlier, my company has renewed my residency only for 3 months till May 18, 2017.

Please advise regarding the dates on visa, if my family can enter the same or do I have to apply for new visit visa. Thanks for your kind support always.

Name withheld

Answer: As per the dates quoted by you, your family were supposed to be in Kuwait on or before 20-02- 2017.

Since they could not make it on or before the quoted date, that meant the validity of the visit visas had expired and hence they cannot enter Kuwait with expired visas.

If you still desire your family to visit Kuwait you have to apply afresh for new visit visas but this can only be done after you get a regular residence permit stamped in your passport with temporary visa 14, we are afraid your application for visit visas will not be accepted.

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