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Saturday , January 23 2021

Visit threatened my life, my wife and children, says head of Kuwaiti family

Bullying eyes chase infected people everywhere

KUWAIT CITY, June 20: As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, homes were transformed into isolation hospitals amid the feeling of fear and anxiety, while psychological disturbances took control over the elderly before the little ones. Bullying eyes chased infected people everywhere, and countless Kuwaiti homes remained the same as the virus struck their inhabitants.

The increasing number of casualties among citizens is one of the stories that drew the attention of many people to know the cause and to prevent aggravation of the matter. An interview with a Kuwaiti family recovering from coronavirus conveyed details of their treatment trip and shed light on the path through which the infection infiltrated.

Father (MN) who works as a teacher at the Ministry of Education is married with six children (the youngest of whom is a baby girl), recounted the infection was transmitted to him through a visit. It happened when he visited a family member who works in the Ministry of Health, and he got infected without knowing about it.

The father, who recovered from coronavirus, added he discovered the disease after his relative made a smear and it showed mild symptoms, thus testing positive for the disease. He pointed out that the emergence of simple symptoms such as chronic temperature rise, loss of the sense of smell and taste with dizziness prompted him to carry out a smear, which proved that he had coronavirus.

After entering the circle of infection and informing the health authorities, he said: “I did not go to hospital. Rather, I isolated myself in the room, fearing for my wife and my children, but the infection was transmitted to my wife 8 days after testing positive. She felt dizzy with a loss of smell, and then the infection was transmitted to three of my children who are 10, 13 and 14 years old.”

The family members found themselves facing a great challenge after the father was infected. The family tried to cope with the turbulent atmosphere amid quarrels and nervous pressure, which lasted for nearly a month, specifi- cally 21 days of anxiety and fear of what the future holds, while the bullying views of neighbors and other family members permeated them.

On how he received the news of his infection, the head of the family said he endured a very difficult period of psychological pressure, saying: “I was imagining death in my bed and thought I would lose one of my children at any moment, but my wife was strong and she was striving to resist the disease and absorb the children’s anxiety and spread reassurance at home Regarding the infection of his children and how they coped with the disease, he said: “The symptoms of the infection among my three children remained mild, and they continued for days until they were cured. Thank God, we coexisted with the disease by isolating ourselves.”

Fortunately, the father had provided all the necessities after receiving the salary a day before the infection, so they did not need to go to the cooperative society throughout the illness. The maid was in charge of cleaning the house and caring for the infant, while she cooperated with the wife in cooking while adhering to wearing a mask and gloves

The father praised the efforts of firefighters that delivered medicine to them, as well as the “preventive health” officials who were keen on monitoring their condition throughout the period of illness by contacting them via phone every week. The family was bullied, according to the head of the family, who said, “I do not hide it from anyone that we were bullied by neighbors who expressed their fear of our family due to the illness. They prevented their children from playing with my children or visiting, but I do not blame them; because it is an infectious disease.”

The father felt a return to life again after surviving the virus, advising everyone to keep their distance, wear a mask, and not to rush out of the house or cause harm to others by transmitting the infection.

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