Sunday , September 23 2018

Indian expat wants Indian maid

I need to clarify some doubts regarding visas for maids. We (my wife and I) are both Indian nationals and working in Kuwait. I and my husband both are working here as engineers and the family income is over KD 2,500 per month. Soon I will deliver my first child and I need a housemaid to take care of the new born. So I want to bring a housemaid from India and my husband can sponsor her if it’s permitted.

We have heard that Kuwait stopped bringing maids from India due to the security deposit of KD 700. I wanted to know if we are ready to provide the security deposit of KD 700, then are there any possibilities of bringing the maid or is there no hope. Since we both are working professionals, it is very difficult for us to manage without any housemaid. Please provide your input.

Name withheld
Answer: Yes, the controversy over the KD 700 deposit for getting a maid continues but you are not affected either way. The reason for this is that, according to the law, you are not allowed to get a maid from your own country. This action was taken decades ago because people were getting visas for their relatives under the guise of maids. So, as you and your husband both are Indians you can’t get a maid from India even if the controversy over the KD 700 deposit ends.

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