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Visa trading racket

Hello sir I’m on visa 18 newly arrived in Kuwait. Wherever I get job in any company they are asking me for transferable visa but for new visa I can’t transfer for one year. So let me know if I can transfer any time because I have university degree certificate with me in how many months I can transfer my visa.

Name withheld

Answer: If you are a newly-arrived visa 18 holder, you are supposed to be working for the company that gave you the visa. The fact that you are now looking for a job in spite of you having visa 18 exposes you as someone who might have engaged in visa racketeering and hence broke the laws of Kuwait.

You risk being arrested if you continue exposing yourself by moving from office to office looking for a job when you should be working for the one who gave you the visa. The fact that you are a university graduate does not give you licence to do what the law frowns upon. A word to the wise is enough.


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