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‘Visa peddlers responsible for disorder in population’ – Expats come, work and leave: MP

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KUWAIT CITY, March 16: Kuwait Urban Observers held a seminar titled “The demographic disorder … consequences and solutions” for discussing ways to solve the population imbalance issue. It began with the MP Abdulkareem Al-Kandari saying, “We do not want to talk about the demographic issue from a racist perspective. We cannot deny expatriates their rights in all aspects.

However, Kuwait is not a country that brings expatriates in order for them to become citizens. We bring them to work here, as Kuwait is not an immigrant-receiving country.” He stressed the need to hold residency traders responsible for this issue as they are the ones who caused this issue to be aggravated to such dangerous levels, insisting that they should be punished.

MP Al-Kandari pointed out the large number of expatriate consultants working in different ministries, indicating that some ministries hide the actual number of expatriate consultants by appointing them on private contracts. He warned against the appointment of expatriate trainers in Ministry of Defense, insisting that Kuwait has enough experienced trainers.

Meanwhile, Head of Kuwait Urban Observers Fawaz Al-Mutairi said the Kuwait is in dire need for the services of expatriates, provided the latter work in the right place and with the right numbers. He said Kuwait would not have been built and referred as the Pearl of Gulf if not for the efforts exerted by expatriates since the ’70s. Al-Mutairi warned against the aggravation of the problem, as it will increase the burden on state institutions and affect the level of services, stressing that, “Kuwait is not a charitable body for marginal labors”.

Courtesy Al-Qabas daily


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