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Visa for Pakistani nationals – Security clearance from Kuwait’s security authorities nedeed

I am living and working in Kuwait and would like you to clarify about Kuwait work visa for Pakistanis, because I was going through your Legal Clinic questions and their answers. What I have come to know is that Kuwait Visas (any type) for Pakistan are not banned but there are ‘restrictions’ and the application needs to go through the process of MoI approval.

Kindly let me know the current status about work visa for Pakistani nationals and the procedure for obtaining the same.

Name withheld

Answer: In a nutshell, the status quo remains with regard to the issuance of visas to Pakistani nationals. The mantra has been and remains: ‘No ban but some restrictions on the issuance of visas to Pakistanis’. These restrictions include getting security clearance from Kuwait’s security authorities which in most cases is not granted. Being a Pakistani national is therefore a huge stumbling block is acquiring any type of visa to Kuwait be it for work, visit or dependent.

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