Visa for New Born ( born outside Kuwait) and Residence

I am from India. My wife has valid visa (family visa, which I sponsored) which will expire in April next year. She is pregnant right now and we are planning to get the delivery done in India and come back here. What is the procedure to get a visa for my baby. Do I have to apply for a new visa for my baby or do we bring baby to Kuwait with a passport and get the residence here as me and my wife have valid residence.

Name withheld
Answer: Please remember that no one can enter Kuwait without a valid visa … regardless of whether you get it from the Immigration Department or at Kuwait Airport.

As India is not one of those countries whose nationals are granted visas at Kuwait Airport, you have to get a visa for your baby before you enter Kuwait with the child. You will need the following documents

1. Passport copy of your baby or the copy of the passport in which the baby’s name has been endorsed

2. Civil IDs of you and your wife

3. An affidavit, attested by your embassy and Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Shuwaikh confirming your relation with the person for whom you want the visa.

4. Your flat rental contract

5. Your work permit (showing you earning a salary of at least KD 250) Just attach these to an application and apply for the visa

6. Birth certificate of the baby (translated into Arabic and endorsed by your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, your embassy in Kuwait and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry in Shuwaikh) Attach all the above documents to an application and submit the same to the Immigration Department in your area.

You should have no problems if you can supply the above documents

I have a question … and I hope you can help me out. My residency will be over in November 2016 and I have newborn baby whose age is less than a month. According to the new residency law, will the authorities allow me to get one year’s residency for my baby?

Name withheld
Answer: No, you will not be able to get residency for the baby for a year because the residency of the dependents is linked to the residency of the sponsor. For the time being, the child’s residency will be only up to the validity of your residency and after that you will have to renew the child’s residency once again.

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