Tuesday , September 25 2018

Visa for Parents

First of all thanks a lot for guiding expatriates with your legal advice service. I am an engineer working and my salary cap is KD 460. I have my brother also working in Kuwait and both us have our wives in Kuwait.

Our parents are alone in India and there is no one with them. I would like bring my parents to Kuwait on a dependent visa. Could you advice if this is possible as recently there was news that expatriates can apply for a dependent visa for parents.

Name withheld

Answer: Currently certain “restrictions” have been placed on the issuance of dependent visas for parents. This was done last year. In fact some senior officials say there is a ban on dependent visas for parents as such elder resident “drain” the resources of the country.

Some expatriates get around these “restrictions” by getting permission for the same from very senior officials of the Interior Ministry but such permissions are very, very rare … almost negligent, so you will have to wait until the “ban” is lifted

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