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Thursday , January 23 2020

Violent sexual crime sees rise in Kuwait, says report

KUWAIT CITY, July 18: An Egyptian woman filed a complaint against a compatriot for allegedly beating her. The complainant told police she knows the assailant who attacked her along a road in Jabriya. She supported her claim with a medical report showing the injuries she sustained.

Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti reported to security authorities that his 16-year-old son is missing.

The Kuwaiti told officers at Jahra Police station that his son left their house some days ago and has not returned home since then.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the young boy’s whereabouts and facilitate his return to his family.

 ‘Crime on rise’: Sexual crime is on the rise lately in the Kuwaiti society, reports Al-Qabas daily. This was disclosed at a recent seminar titled ‘Physical Violence against Women …Post Traumatic Shock Disorders’ organized by Kuwait Liberal Movement at the premises of Social Workers Society in Adailiya area to shed light on the incessant physical violence and sexual crimes happening in the country of late.

The speakers agreed that most affected families are trying to conceal the reality and prefer to keep their ordeals secret to avoid scandal. They noted roughly 2 percent of children in Kuwait have been exposed to abduction, and almost 13 percent were sexually abused.

Consultant Psychologist Dr Kazem Abul stated that women are living in a masculine society that exposes them to consistent violence varying from minor to major, depending on the nature of individuals involved. He reiterated some incidents involve violent sexual intercourse against women or denying them of their rights.

Dead bodies sold: An Egyptian in charge of transporting human remains from the morgue to the airport is being interrogated by the State Security police for selling human remains to the students at the Faculty of Medicine, reports Al-Anba daily quoting security sources.

The sources said the Egyptian was tasked with carrying the remains of two Bangladeshis to the plane destined for Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. However, he allegedly hoodwinked a senior official and put only one coffin in the plane.

It has been reported the responsible official during interrogation has admitted that he did not physically check if the Egyptian put the two corpses inside the cargo hold of the plane because it was very hot at the time.

The source added securitymen at the gate suspected the Egyptian because when he entered the gate, there were two coffins and when he exited the gate one coffin was still there.

The Egyptian took advantage because the official overlooking the loading signed the document without ensuring both coffins were put on the plane.

KD 2m fines due: Statistics issued by the General Traffic Department show the vehicles carrying the Gulf number plates were involved in committing 85,575 traffic violations and the traffic fines due from them is KD 2,941,429 between July 28, 2015 and June 2017, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to a security source, the Interior Ministry is in the process of collecting this money from the violators from the respective countries.

Drugs with Asian: An Asian expatriate was apprehended at Kuwait airport after a failed attempt to smuggle a piece of illicit drug Opium into the country.

Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry stated customs officials foiled an attempt by the suspect to enter the country with illicit substance while checking his luggage. He was referred to Drug Prosecution.

By Munaif Nayef

Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

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