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Saturday , December 7 2019

Validity of passport enough for 6 months with new rule of cancelling stickers?

I have a question, As per news that: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Lt-Gen Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah has issued a decision to cancel residency stickers that are placed in the passports expatriates. Previously, the passport needed to be valid for one year in order to get a sticker/iqama in it. Does it means now that is enough to be valid for 6 months, like the rest of the world, or still need to be for at least one year.

Name withheld

Answer: As per the decision you quoted above, nothing was said about the validity of the passport in effecting the decision. Until a new decision is issued on passport validity vis-a-vis residence renewal, we will stick to the law as we know it to be and that is at least one-year passport validity before any renewal can take place

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