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University degree needed to renew job title of ‘Managers’

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Appointments after Jan 1, 2011 affected

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 17: Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has issued Administrative Circular No.104/2018 to renew the job titles of managers who were appointed before Jan 1, 2011 without the university degree.

He explained that all employees with the designation of ‘manager’ who were appointed after the aforementioned date are included in the automatic renewal system and need to provide university degree, reports Al-Anba daily.

The source said the job title must be registered on the work permit, and there will be no renewal of job titles for managers appointed after Jan 1, 2011 unless they provide university degree for that purpose.

With regard to company representatives (mandoub), the source indicated no university certificate is required but the activities of the establishment must go along with the designation