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UNIMONI Exchange bag Elite Challenge Cup title

UNIMONI Team – Champion A

TGIF and COZMO runners-up

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 19: After the first week of the 2-week championship finals of the Philippine Bowling Association in Kuwait 2019 Elite Challenge Cup Team Tournament held at Kaifan COZMO Entertainment and Bowling Center the standing of the six finalists were: 1. COZMO Lane Masters (2,935), 2. UNIMONI Exchange (2,932), 3. Green Apple Strikers (2,791), 4. TGIF (2,763), 5. Lolo’s Bowlers (2,691) and 6. Al-Qwassem All Stars. Meanwhile, the collision between the three Desperado teams, emerged top was Swooping Eagles (2,747) followed by Pin Pals (2,681) and SKARZ (2,649).  

Of the six finalist in the Tenpin Elite Challenge Cup, with Class Os and As with their lineup, the COZMO, Al-Qwassem and UNIMONI teams were the favorites to fight considerably tenacious in order to bring home the championship trophy. The other three teams were having Class Bs and Cs having huge handicap was not a guarantee unless all of the fielded bowlers will play consistently and scored above average.

In the first three games of Week 1 finals, COZMO won two games against TGIF (1,104-859) and Lolo’s Bowlers (963-877) but loss to the team Green Apple Strikers (868-977). UNIMONI registered three wins clobbering Al-Qwassem (977-825), murdering TGIF (1,005-904) and Lolo’s Bowlers (950-841). The underdog Green Apple suffered defeat from the hands of the Lolo’s team (857-973) but miraculous won the last two games against the two giants of the league Al-Qwassem (957-897) and COZMO (977-868). TGIF and Lolo’s Bowlers posted one victory each while Al-Qwassem suffered all three losses to UNIMONI (825-977), Green Apple (897-957) and TGIF (917-1,000).          

In the second-week of the finals, in Game 4 the top notch COZMO faces its potential rival to the championship the UNIMONI but lost its game (996-866). This resulted to its slide to second position while Exchange King snatched the prime position. TGIF won its game against the restless Green Apple Strikers 935-885 that put down tremendously from third to fifth spot while TGIF rose to third position. The ill-fated Al-Qwassem continued its losing streak to fourth game under the hands of Lolo’s Bowlers 931-992 nursing still in sixth place while Lolo’s climbed to number fourth spot.

In the final game, UNIMONI Exchange easily demolished the Green Apples 994-851 and infallible to take home the championship trophy while the restive Green Apples was finally dropped on the last spot. Smiley TGIF without mercy subdued Lolo’s (1,046-879) and the win-lose result favored TGIF snatching the second spot while Lolo’s despite the loss kept the fourth place. On its last match-up Al-Qwassem tasted the sweetness of victory after ravaging the COZMO team (968-871) that brought them to fifth spot while COZMO was down to third place.

The final standing, scores and finals’ team members were as follows: 1. UNIMONI Exchange (4,912), Rudy de Lima, Sonia Mathews, Neveen Wasel, Fadi Al Masri, Rashid Ali and Mohammad Karam; 2. TGIF (4,744), Mar Evangelista, Moises Amahan, Joel Tizon, Eddie Pena, Rene Marzan, Pilar Patula and Sam Bhebehani; 3. COZMO (4,672), Ronell Valencia, Noe Mahayag, Lito Michael, Ely Ebrada, Bader Malalah and Ruben Cervantes; 4. Lolo’s Bowlers (4,562), Rocky Castil, Cris Carungay, Bima Nitikusumo, Abel Nitikusumo and Reygan Percy; 5. Al-Qwassem (4,538), Fadel Al Qassem, Ibrahim Al Jadi, Ali Al Qassem, Hassan Al Qassem and Yousef Al Qassem and 6. Green Apple Strikers (4,527), Jess Tolentino, Jhon Narvasa, Gener Calingasan, Imelda Calingasan, Alex Cervantes, Neng Cervantes, Adolfo Prena and Mohammad Othman. 

After the tabulation of final scores, PBAK President Rudy De Lima and his vice-president Ms Sonia Mathews and the tournament directors, Lito Michael, Joel Tizon, Cris Carungay, Joe Presenta, Eddie Pena and Adolfo Prena to award the major, cash and special prizes to the winners. The UNIMONI Exchange  team led the five teams in the awarding ceremony held simultaneously after the lane battle.

Winners: Team Event

Champions: UNIMONI Exchange – Team Trophy and cash prize

First Runners-Up: TGIF (Thank God I’m Filipino) – Team Trophy and cash prize

Second Runners-Up: COZMO Entertainment Co – Team Trophy and cash prize

Third Runners-Up: Lolo’s Bowlers – Cash prize

Fourth Runners-Up: Al-Qwassem – Cash prize

Fifth Runners-Up: Green Apple Strikers – Cash prize

Desperado Team Finals

First Place: Swooping Eagles

Second Place: SKARZ

Third Place: Pin Pals 

Winners: Individual Event

High Game

Noe Mahayag – MA       

Bader Malala – MB         

Avinash Mathew – MC 

Sonia Mathews – LA      

Abel Nitikusumo – LB    

High Average

Ibrahim Al Jadi – MO

Rashid Aker Ali – MB

Mohd Al Othman – MC

Sonia Mathews – LA

Imelda Calingasan – LB

By Rocky DG delos Reyes

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