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“Uncle, rescue us from our father”

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KUWAIT CITY, June 23: In an unprecedented case of child custody, two children sent a letter to a judge wherein they wrote “Uncle, rescue us from our father”, and the judge relied on this to transfer custody of the children from their father to mother after perusing the case documents.

According to the lawsuit filed by Lawyer Hawraa Al-Habib on behalf of the children’s mother, she told the court that the estranged husband of the woman got custody of the children for selfish interest only. She said the children have been suffering from psychological trauma and low academic attainments. She urged the court to invite the children and hear them out. The man refused to present the children in the court upon request more than once. This prompted the children to send a letter to the judge through their mother containing the expression “Uncle, rescue us from our father”.

The judge later ordered the man to return the children to their mother, because he was maltreating them. In the meantime, the Court of Cassation presided over by Judge Nasr Al-Heyd issued an unprecedented verdict, overturning the verdict issued by the Court of Appeals which sentenced to life an individual who was accused of importing hashish via postal service, and instead acquitted him.

The verdict to acquit the defendant was based on the fact that the quantity of hashish that the accused had attempted to import was aimed for consumption purpose and not for selling. The defense counsel Lawyer Ayed Al-Rasheedi insisted that the evidence has been tampered with, and that the parcel containing the hashish was left open for eight days after a sample of it was taken for laboratory test. He stressed that the parcel had spent 55 days in the custody of the postal services, and that there was discrepancy in the weight of the parcel, adding that the name of the accused was not registered in the initial case referral.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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