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UAE Exchange shoot down Eagles – Scavengers tame Thunder Dragons

Thunder Dragons team
Thunder Dragons team

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 11: By posting significant victories and capturing the second week highest scores, UAE Exchange elevated themselves from eleventh to fifth while the Scavengers who were one of the tail enders in the opening day joined the elite group by snatching the last seat in the second round of the Philippine Bowling Association in Kuwait 3rd Season Team Tournament at the Cozmo Bowling Center in Kheifan. Other teams who posted victories were Philippine Embassy, SMAC’Z, Asian Air Safari, Nusantara and LEAF who played bye.

The encounter between UAE Exchange and Swooping Eagles witnessed an inanity game. The Swooping Eagles showed no repulsion and was tamed like a house bird in their 3-game series 1023-907/943-863/896-801 (2887-2563). With the win the Exchange King joined the “Magic 8” from eleventh to fifth position while Swooping Eagles was ejected from the elite group. Top scorers of the winning team were Rani Skeik (550), Myra Manalo (534), Rudy de Lima (532), Renato Pante (493) and Ali Hikmat (462) while for the Eagles bowlers top scorers were Bill Stiles (529), Glen Corbit (506), Riz Roque (504), Angie Bush (462) and Danny Solis (457).

The clash of the top-rated teams, SMAC’Z and Original Pin Killers become a humdrum when the latter played with a depleted lineup and was annihilated in their 3-game series 984-806/970-892/962-920 (2884-2618). SMAC’Z posting its second week win controlled the lead while Pin Killers still hold the third position despite its loss (2884-26180). Formidable duo of Ferdie Saliba 227/241/199 (667) and Tony Zuleta 203/217/213 (633) piloted their team to victory and was supported by Kiko, Mina and Kevin Andaya, Alex and Neng Cervantes. The losers 4-man team were prolific bowlers Greg Melancon who scored 235/229/247 (711) and Christopher Bush 193/211/205 (609), Jelyn Colegio (471) and Ishaaq Al Waahid (323).

Scavengers and Thunder Dragons collision was also a farcical game with the mighty team losing all its three games without resistance 2806-2634 . Scavengers queen Nasha King with the score of 584 led her team to victory and joined the top 8 (from eleventh to eight place). Queen Nasha was supported by Ali Adel Ata Khalil (537), Aji Varghese (460), Jess Tolentino, Ali Ashkaanani, Anthony King and Josie Lorino. Thunder Dragons new recruit Mandy Manalo (578) piloted the Dragons assisted by Eddie Pena (508), Mar and Eden Evangelista, Joel Tizon and Moises Amahan. With the loss the Thunder Dragons slipped from second to fourth position.

Other results: Bert Pantanilla led the Philippine Embassy Strikers to outscore Mangaf Strikers 2459-2354; Nusantara dimmed the sparkling lights of Kuwait Stars 2815-2452; Sonia Mathews’ Asian Air Safari threw its weight to annihilate the 2-men team of COZMO 2832-1920 and finally LEAF played bye with the score of 2783.

For individual high scores:

Category              Name    Individual High Game

Men’s A               Greg Melancon 247

Men’s B               Ferdie Saliba      241

Men’s C               Bima Nitikusumo              203

Ladies A               Nasha King          213

Ladies B                Abel Nitikusumo              199

Men’s A               Greg Melancon 224.40

Men’s B               Ferdie Saliba      210.00

Men’s C               Bima NItikusumo             174.33

Ladies A               Mina Andaya     181.00

Ladies B                Alma Turley        168.60

Team Weekly High Series :

Week 1 – SMAC’Z – 2821

Week 2 – UAE Exchange — 2787

Team Standing after Second round:

SNAC’Z (5805); Asian Air Safari (5571); Original Pin Killers (5471); Thunder Dragons (5470); UAE Exchange (5434); Nusantara (5399); LEAF (5364); Scavengers (5352); Swooping Eagles (5154); Philippine Embassy (5062); Mangaf Strikers (5037); Kuwait Stars (4911) and COZMO (4628).

PBAK would like to acknowledge and extend its sincere appreciation to its major donors GULF AIR Kuwait Management Ms Sandra Smith and Ruffa Quddus. UAE EXCHANGE Kuwait Vivek Nair and Mr Renjith Pillai. DUNKIN’ DONUTS Kuwait Ahmed Hamed for their untiring and continuing support to League tournaments. For those who wish to join and/or be a new member of PBAK, please call our Tournament Director Hermie Saliba mobile 67615408 or the Membership Officer Joel Tizon mobile 66497905.

PBAK on its 29th Year is conducting non-stop weekly bowling league with currently 250 members mixed nationalities. Games starts at 9:00 am and ends past 12 noontime every Friday at Cozmo Bowling Centre in Khaifan.

Games schedule next Friday — week 5 — Oct 16, 2015

Lane 3 & 4 Scavengers vs Swopping Eagles; Lane 5 & 6 Bye Team vs Asian Air Safari; Lane 7 & 8 Philem Strikers vs Kuwait Star; Lane 9 & 10 Smac’z vs Mangaf Strikes; Lane 11 & 12 UAE Exchange vs Orig Pin Killers; Lane 13 & 14 Cozmo vs Thunder Dragons; Lane 15 & 16 Leaf vs Nusantara.

PBAK Upcoming events on holiday:

PBAK Beach Outing — Thursday, Oct 15, 2015 — Egaila Fintas @ 8:30 am onwards .

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