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Monday , December 6 2021

Two series turning point in my career: Dr Ibtisam

‘Role of fashion in enriching TV drama vital’

KUWAIT CITY, May 19: Dr Ibtisam Al-Hammadi, a professor of Fashion at the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts, considers the series ‘Umm Haroun’ and ‘Muhammad Ali Road’ a turning point in her career spanning more than two decades, at the same time stressing on the importance and role of fashion in enriching TV drama, reports Al-Rai daily.

Dr Ibtisam Al-Hammadi with the heroes of ‘Muhammad Ali Road’.

Dr Ibtisam revealed the design stages of any drama or theater work, stressing that the first stage in fashion design in addition to dealing with personalities begins after reading the text, “where I deal with the text as if it is a novel in order to leave space for my imagination to coexist with events and be with the characters within time and location, so that the first aura of each pattern is formed’.

She continued, saying this is followed by the second stage, which is the study of the boundaries of the temporal era of the text and the work of studying the compatibility between patterns of personalities in their social and economic degrees.

Here, she says, the initial image of the third stage figures is formed, dealing with the design and color, and its compatibility with the psychological state of each personality, with its dramatic and time-shifting movements and transmissions, separately.

Regarding the color formula that she works on, Dr Ibtisam replied: “The color formula is the case that deals with the costume to highlight the formation of the dramatic character. In every work I put a plan that matches color and its connotations, and I rely a lot on (theology) whether in decoration or fashion as a modern line compatible with modern art and adapting it to serve the era, as the task of the fashion designer is very difficult which is to convince the recipient, because he needs to reach a color climate condition that convinces the recipient that what he sees is within the limits of logic.” She drew attention to the interest of Kuwaiti art since ancient times in fashion as it is part of the culture of society, and this was manifested in several works.

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