TSC supports A’Takamul Int’l School annual sports day

Participants pose for the camera after receiving their prizes

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle and eating habits among the younger generation, The Sultan Center recently took part at A’Takamul International School annual sports day event and distributed over 600 healthy goodie giveaways filled with a variety of healthy snacks. The sports day turned into a true demonstration on the right way to keep healthy.

Commenting on the initiative, Lisa Al Gharib/ Marketing Manager at TSC said: “we have enjoyed taking part at A’ Takamul International School sports day where we had the chance to meet with children, parents and teachers to provide them with a range of healthy snacks. We have received very positive feedback from parents and customers on this initiative and we plan to launch similar campaigns in the new future that encourage healthy eating habits”. Children were very happy to receive goodie bags packed with healthy snack and fresh fruits. Both parents and teachers appreciated TSC initiative to guide their children toward choosing healthier snacks that bring lifelong benefits.

TSC plays an active role in the community by supporting health initiatives and wellness campaigns in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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