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Transferring of wife’s residence to husband – Salary is below KD 450

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I am working in Kuwait and so is my wife. We both are on visa Article No: 18 (work). Now my wife resigned her job and I want to transfer her visa to family visa.

My salary is KD 350. I have a daughter also and she is already on my sponsorship.

Now my question: will the new rule allow me to transfer my wife’s visa to family visa on my current salary, considering that she is already in Kuwait?

Name withheld

Answer: This new rule is certainly creating a lot of doubts … although the Immigration Department is strictly enforcing it, the head of the Immigration Department has the power to waive the KD 450 limit in cases like yours.

First of all, it is quite possible that your wife might easily get the dependent residence but just in case your application is rejected, submit an application to the head of the Immigration Department and very likely your application will be accepted.

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