Transferring from Project Visa to Private Sector

I came to Kuwait in January 2014 on a project visa 18 (though the actual job is of a “private sector in nature” and not really a government project). Only a few months after my arrival, the contract for government project expired and my sponsor transferred me into another subsidiary under another project, Article 18. Unfortunately, due to some organizational changes, the company terminated my employment contract and freely allowed me to seek new employment.

My questions are as follows;

■ Is it possible now for me to transfer to a new sponsor under a private Article 18 visa, since I have already been through two project visa transfers?

■ also possess a university degree and have stayed with my original sponsor for more than a year.

■ In case I find a new private sponsor and he too has a government project, can he transfer me to that government project?

■ In case the new sponsor is willing to provide a new private visa, will I be required to go back to the country of origin after visa cancellation or will I be allowed to exit to a nearby GCC country and wait for my new visa to be released.

Name withheld

Answer: You can’t transfer to another firm because you are in the country on a government project, regardless of the private nature of the job or the fact that you have already undergone two transfers.

Secondly, you can’t transfer to another sponsor unless he gets the same government project on which you are currently working.

So, under the current situation — because the government has become very strict on the transfer of expatriates who are in the country on government project visas — your current firm has no way out except to arrange for your repatriation to your country of origin.

On the issue of getting a new visa and re-entering the country the new document, it is better for you to go to your country of origin as there is nothing in the rules which say you can’t go to a neighboring country.

We say this because a lot of people have faced problems in getting the visas stamped by Kuwaiti Embassies in neighboring countries due to the fact that various documents — like the Police Clearance Certificate — are required from a person’s country of origin and without these documents the visas will not be endorsed.

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