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Transfer of visa for separated woman from Family to Work

I am a Pakistani woman on a family visa in Kuwait but my husband and his family sent me back to Pakistan. Now, I want to return to Kuwait and work there as they left me with nothing. Is it possible to extend my visa without the involvement of my spouse as we are now separated? My visa will expire on Sept 25, 2017 and after six months from the date of my exit, this visa will be cancelled. I want to return to Kuwait to renew my visa. Can I do it without my husband? My Kuwaiti ID card is also with my husband. Can I return to Kuwait? I am anxiously waiting for your answer.

Name withheld

Answer: Being in Kuwait on a family visa means that your husband is your sponsor and your continuous stay in the country or otherwise is at his pleasure. Granting that your husband has not cancelled your residence permit and you return to Kuwait, you cannot renew the permit without his concern.

In addition, if you want to come back to Kuwait to work, you can only do that if your husband agrees to grant you a release from visa 22 (family) to visa 18 (work). In short, you can initiate any move concerning your Kuwait residence in the blind side of your husband.


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