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Transfer & Release for local hire working in contracting company

I am working in a contracting company running governmental projects. I was recently hired for one project and unfortunately the current news is that this project has been cancelled. I was hired locally and the current company is my 3rd employer. I am a graduate degree holder with attested certificates. I have two queries.

1. Will I be able to get a release & transfer my residence if the company terminates my employment before the completion of one year. If not, can I apply legally for the release?

2. Will I be able to get a release and transfer my residence if I resign before 1 year; If not, can I apply legally for the release? If required to apply legally whom should I approach.

Name withheld

Answer: As you were a local hire you will be able to transfer to another firm, regardless of whether you get a release or not, if your services are terminated.

You will, however, not be entitled to any release if you resign before completion of one year. So, in case of resignation, you must wait for the completion of the year.

In case of any problems, if you are denied your rights, you should file a complaint with the Labor Office in you area.

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