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Wednesday , April 21 2021

Transfer of domestic visa to company visa and driving licence

I try to get answers from your articles. But unfortunately I couldn’t. Because there are 123 pages. I read first 10 pages and I am tired. My question is can a domestic worker change his visa to a company visa within Kuwait? After I finish the two years contract and go back to my home country from there can I come back on company visa as a driver with same licence which I got from domestic worker visa?

Name withheld

Answer: Under the labour law, you cannot transfer your domestic visa to company visa. What is permitted is transfer to a different sponsor but under same domestic vias category. After serving your two-year contract and returning to your country, nothing prevents you from returning to Kuwait on company visa as a driver. Having said the preceding however, we must point out that when after seeing out your contract, your residence permit will be cancelled before you return to your country. With the cancellation of your residence permit, your drivig licence will also stand cancelled. This means that upon returning to Kuwait on company visa, your pervious driving licence will no longer be valid and you can only get a new licence by applying for it affresh as a driver in your new company.

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