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Wednesday , October 27 2021

Tragedy of a little Filipino girl who lost her mother

KUWAIT CITY, July 17:  A Filipino child Evin, who completed one year in May whose father left Kuwait four months before her birth to escape from his responsibilities. Mary Chris (38 yrs) Evins mothers fate was cruel, she died due to COVID infection and was buried in Kuwait as per the health ministry procedures for deaths due to pandemic.   

Video from Al Rai

Jessi, one of Mary’s colleagues took care of the girl, he knew Mary for 6 yrs as she was his neighbor and manager where he used to work before. Mary’s husband traveled to the Philippines before the birth of his daughter. Those who knew him in Kuwait were unable to contact as he blocked  his phone calls to evade responsibilities towards his wife and daughter, reports Al Rai. Mary contracted coronavirus in June and was asked to stay in home quarantine, but on the eighth day she had breathing problems and was admitted to the hospital. She called Jessi to take care of her daughter and for the whole month she remained in the hospital until she passed away on 3rd July and was buried in Kuwait after 5 days. 

The Philippines embassy was contacted by Jessi in order to obtain a passport for Evin in order to send her to her grandmother and her family in the Philippines. When Jessi used to go for work the child was kept with a babysitter at neighbors place. Some friends came forward to help with Evins requirements such as diapers, milk etc. He further stated, “Evin misses her mother, when I sit with her and I show her videos and pictures of her mother she starts calling out for her mother (Mama, Mama)”.

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