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Saturday , March 25 2023

Traffic violation – Worried about travel ban

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I tried checking whether I had a traffic violation through the e- Justice Ministry web portal and it showed that a Traffic Misdemeanor case had been registered against me on 01/06/2012. As far as I remember there was one accident that took place in or around that date but there was no damage to vehicles of any of the parties. But I remember we were taken to a police station and the police let us leave after taking our details. But in the portal again — with the date 20/09/2012 — it has been specified that a ‘case had been recorded in the center of a certain traffic circle on so and so number’, giving the developments of the case. And but was there was no travel ban mentioned. But I am still worried and want to know whether there will be any problems to travel?

Name withheld

Answer: Whenever there is a traffic accident and no written agreement is reached by the parties involved the case is sent by the police to the Traffic Court which holds hearings even if no party is present.

The Traffic Court must have sent you a notification, which for some reason you must not have received, detailing the date of the hearing plus the reason for the case. It is possible that the other party might have received the notification in which case the case will be decided in “absentia” against you if you are not present.

So, please approach the Traffic Department/ Traffic Court to find out “what’s happening” and pursue the case. Secondly, the travel ban — if any — is not normally mentioned on the Interior Ministry website.

You have to approach the ministry to find out if there is any such ban. So, before you travel approach both the Interior Ministry and the Traffic Court to learn about the current state of affairs as regards the case and travel ban — if any — before things take an ugly turn and the case is decided against you.

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