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Traffic accident gives away two siblings for crossing border illegally in car trunk

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 1: A Kuwaiti and his brother have been referred to the Public Prosecution for interrogation – one for leaving the country illegally by hiding in the trunk of the car and the other for driving the man out of the country, reports Al-Rai daily.

The incident came to light after the brother was involved in a traffic accident inside Saudi Arabia several kilometers away from the Kuwaiti-Saudi borders.

A report was received about the accident and border securitymen by personnel from the Emergency Medical Services affiliated to the Ministry of Health transported the injured to the hospital by air ambulance.

When the procedures were being completed at the hospital the authorities discovered the man had left the country illegally because a travel ban was issued on him upon orders from the Ministry of Justice in July 2018 and the man left Kuwait in May 2019.

During interrogation the man admitted from his hospital bed that he left the country with the help of his brother hiding in the trunk of the car.

The source added after the Search and Investigation checked the CCTV footage they discovered his brother also left the country on the same day and during interrogation he admitted to driving his brother out of the country. An investigation has also been opened to check who was on duty on that day and punish those who failed in their duty to prevent the wanted man from leaving the country

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