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Tradition of Eid clothes shopping breathes life into markets

Local markets witnessing an economic boom

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 20: Eid clothing is an important part of the celebration of the annual Eid holidays for both children and adults as well as men and women. This is the reason behind the revitalization of many markets in the days before the Eid holidays, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The local markets were witnessing a recession during the summer season due to school vacations and the travel activities of a large number of people who spend the summer holidays overseas including expatriates who travel to their countries to spend Eid Al-Adha with their families.

Following this phase, the local markets now witness an economic boom and recovery since the beginning of last week, as there is a huge turnout of citizens and residents thronging the markets to buy Eid clothes for their children as well as for themselves.

Ahmad Abdul Jawad, a textile trader, said the Kuwait markets is undergoing recovery process with the advent of Eid Al-Adha holidays, affirming that there is still goodness in Kuwait and her people who are attached to their traditions linked to holidays, most importantly the purchase of Eid clothes.

Another textile trader Mohammed Abdulmohsen said clothes shops, during holidays in Kuwait, always witness a turnout for the purchase of clothes, not belittling the recession witnessed lately because of the increase in the cost of living.

On the other hand, Ahmad Adel said Eid clothes no longer represent a source of joy like it did in the past. He explained that the markets in the past used to be crowded with customers because citizens and residents then had the purchasing power to buy clothes, and the prices were affordable for all. However, things are different now.

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