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Tracking bracelets for prisoners sentenced to less than 3 years

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 7: Implementation of tracking bracelets for monitoring convicts was launched by the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Talal Marafie. The implementation of this project will be implemented on those who have been sentenced to less than 3 years in prison.

The tracking bracelet allows the convict to to move in his house and is monitored round the clock. The convict must commit that he/she will be in his range of residence and is not allowed to leave the range. The convict is not allowed to move to any other place outside the range, the personal phone of the convict must be switched on round the clock. If the convict is ill, a call must be made to the operation room and take approval to go to the hospital of inmates/prisoners, after that convict has to return back to the residence.

No jamming device should be installed within the housing area and should not tamper with the tracking bracelet either by trying to remove or damage it. If so, additional cases will be filed and will be sent to the prison cell again, reports Al Rai. The convict can be visited anytime by anyone at his residence. This project has been implemented on humanitarian grounds to achieve rehabilitation goals and return the convict as a righteous individual back into the society.

To benefit from this project, the convict must submit a request to the prison administration along with the approval from residence members. Where in turn the Public Prosecution has to agree to grant the remaining sentence of the convict to be served inside his home wearing a tracking bracelet in accordance to conditions and regulations set by MOI.

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