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Tourism to other countries when on visit-visa to Kuwait

At the outset please accept my sincere good wishes and appreciations for the yeoman service being provided by you for the most needy and helpless persons.

I need your kind guidance in the following matter: I have been working in Kuwait for the last two years, and would work here for the next five or six years. I could get residency for my wife, but for son it was not accepted as he is over 18 years.

He is now studying in India, staying in a hostel. I get visit visa for him and he visits us during his holidays.

My question is that, we have a problem if we want to travel to some other neighboring countries with him during his stay in Kuwait on visit visa. I understand that once he enters Kuwait and exits, his visa gets over. Is there any way out or solution wherein we can visit other countries for sightseeing during his visit to Kuwait.

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no solution to your problem as you yourself has rightly said, if you come to Kuwait on visit visa and exit, the visa gets over and if you want to come back, you have to apply again after six months.

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