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Wednesday , July 17 2019

Tough penalty proposed in bid to combat witchcraft

KUWAIT CITY, June 8: In a bid to combat witchcraft and stop it from spreading in the community, the parliamentary Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee endorsed two proposals to toughen penalty on those who commit such crimes.

The first proposal, which was presented by MP AbdulRahman Al-Jiran, received unanimous votes from the MPs.

It is about adding articles stipulating 10 years temporary detention and fine of not less than KD 5,000 on anyone proven to be practicing any kind of witchcraft, in addition to 15 years in prison if such practices caused physical or psychological harm on anyone. The proposal added a temporary penalty of five years and fine of not less than KD 3,000 on anyone who imports, brings, possesses, acquires or sell items used in witchcraft.

Al-Jiran explained he presented the proposal due to the increasing number of sorcerers in the country in recent days. He said these people claim to cure through witchcraft or soothsaying, taking advantage of others who are naïve by deceiving them with the help of accomplices.

The second proposal, which was presented by MPs Muhammad Tanna, AbdulRahman Al-Jiran, Saud Al-Hureiji, Hamoud Al-Hamdan and Hamdan Al-Azmi, consists of various penalties ranging from three 10 years jail term on the same crime.

The proponents of the bill affirmed the spread of these practices in a noticeable and systematic manner in recent times, indicating that the aim of the proposal is to toughen the penalty in order to protect ideology and belief from distortion and deviation. It also aims to protect mankind from violating the self through harmful practices that corrupt the brain and render the victim as a captive in the hands of people with evil souls.

By Raid Yusuf Al-Seyassah Staff

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