Sunday , September 23 2018

Top company accused of cheating woman of KD 500; Two group of youth fight on love street

KUWAIT CITY, May 7: A Kuwaiti woman has accused a famous company of swindling her as its representative took KD 500 deposit for supplying a couch intended for a wedding.

According to a security source, the woman contracted the company to provide her with a couch for a total price of KD 1,600. The representative of the company took KD 500 from her as advance payment and they made the agreement in her house in Hitten.

However, she was surprised when the company did not execute the agreement between the two parties. The woman filed a complaint at Salam Police Station and she provided police with a copy of the agreement. Investigation is ongoing to verify the complaint and take action against the company if proven guilty.

Photo by Iehab Qurtal

Meanwhile two groups of youths engaged in a public brawl along Love Street. The Interior Ministry dispatched a security team to the location after its Operations Unit received information about the fight. Five Kuwaiti youths were arrested and initial investigations revealed the youths fought over a girl as one of them harassed her. They were referred to Qadsiya Police Station and no injuries or casualties were reported

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