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Wednesday , January 20 2021

Top 10 issues in Kuwait cited on social media

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 24: From time to time, some of the accounts on the social networking platforms, in line with the events appear to guide public opinion or broadcast an idea in a phenomenon that may be considered electronic flies in Kuwait, reports Al-Qabas daily.. Social networking sites have become platforms for promoting specific views.

This has created a new profession, whether through people or machines. It is a collection of accounts that are in harmony with each other and are paid for a variety of purposes, most notably for publishing information, sending appeals or even indirectly abusing personalities which creates a negative impact or put pressure on the concerned authority.

According to observers, these groups range from people with multiple accounts who post their tweets at the same time using the same direction and content. This is in addition to a large number of face accounts which carry the same content, all of which serve the same purpose which becomes the talk of the town on ‘Twitter’.

Kuwait has recently witnessed a lot of hashtags that have attracted the attention of observers because of the large number of participants with similar comments and slogans, in addition to the use of some non-local words. The most prominent of these campaigns include:

  1. Interrogations and political confl ict –The campaigns on Twitter has contributed to the downfall of two ministers of Sheikh Mohammed Al- Abdullah and Suleiman Al-Hamoud, after being questioned by the National Assembly.
  2. Sport differences – Focused on the suspension of sports activity and the recent club elections.
  3. The issue of storming the National Assembly – The echoes of this case continues to this day and appears from time to time under the hashtag of the amnesty.
  4. Rain crisis – It largely contributed in forcing the government to compensate the affected people and giving employees two days off, in addition to holding responsible a number of officials and the detection of corruption in some projects.
  5. The issue of dropping loans – Was launched recently by the twittering of activists, that soon turned into a daily activity on Twitter, continued until Thursday, and the issue topped the local trend.
  6. Education and university issues – Emerges from time to time, and there are tweets and hashtags that deal with specific educational issues that are likely to have a reaction at the governmental level.
  7. Early retirement –The tweets about the government’s ‘push-andpull’ toward the law have put pressure on the parties to approve the required amendments made by the tweeters.
  8. Sectarian and tribal clashes – Sectarian and tribal clashes have increased over the past few days due to events, issues and attitudes.
  9. Criticism of Kuwaiti aid and loans – With calls for the approval of cadres and privileges and the writing off loans of citizens, there has been increasing tweets criticizing Kuwait’s aid and loans to other countries.
  10. Gulf crisis and polarization – The recent Gulf crisis has attracted widespread attention through cyberspace.

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