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Tobacco sent from India seized

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KUWAIT CITY, July 8: The General Administration of Customs announced on Thursday that the Southern Ports Administration at Shuaiba Port has thwarted an attempt to bring in 25,000 sachets of tobacco, which were hidden in parcels in an asphalt container. In a press release, Customs said that the inspection and custodian control men suspected a 40-foot container containing asphalt that arrived at the Shuaiba Port from India, and was transferred to the X-ray machine and thoroughly inspected.

Tobacco packets hidden in asphalt bags seized by the customs department

She explained that 36 bags were found inside the container, 16 of which contained 500 rolls within each roll, including 50 bags of tobacco, which are banned according to the customs laws issued in this regard and in accordance with the instructions of the Ministries of Trade and Health, pointing out that the necessary customs procedures have been taken. Customs warned anyone who might be tempted to smuggle narcotics and banned items in all their forms and types into the country, stressing that whosoever does so will face legal accountability

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