Wednesday , August 22 2018

‘Time to OK law on Strategic Alternative to Salary Scale’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 19: MP Ahmad Lari insists it is time for the government to approve the law on Strategic Alternative to Salary Scale, which is currently being studied by the parliament’s Human Resources Committee. He affirmed that this law will streamline the first chapter of the general state budget, stressing, “We must therefore move urgently towards discussing the law as soon as possible in order to pave way for its approval”.

Lari said the law on leadership appointment, which has been included in the agenda of the Human Resources Committee, must also be approved along with ways to fill leadership positions by the Ministers Council and the subject of nominations by a minister. He affirmed, “Efforts should be focused on allotting a specific mechanism for eliminating the phenomena of favoritism and political pressure, and ensuring the right candidate is placed in the right position.

This will certainly make the country more prosperous because leaders are appointed based on their competency”. In a related issue, parliamentary sources revealed that the government will approve a law for appointing leaders, and this law will be discussed by parliament’s Human Resources Committee next Monday.

They said the committee members received a positive message from the government concerning the approval of the parliamentary proposal for discussing the leadership appointment law, adding that the law will not be rejected as long as it does not contradict with other laws.

The sources reiterated about the possibility of the law being adopted, revealing that the Fatwa and Legislative Department is currently studying the aspects of the law before sending it to the Human Resources Committee. They indicated that they are expecting the committee to complete the leadership appointment law by next month after which it will be referred to the parliament and could be passed in the current phase. In another development, MP Mohammed Tana has sent questions to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah concerning the expatriate who recently attacked a police offi cer.

Summarizing the incident, the lawmaker explained that an expatriate, who was in an abnormal state, attacked a police officer in a humiliating and repulsive manner in Farwaniya area. However, securitymen eventually managed to arrest the attacker.

Tana asked the minister about the circumstances and details of the incident, enquiring, “Was the victim – the police officer – alone during the attack? Was he assigned to that duty or to another duty? Does a police officer have the right to defend himself when he is attacked? What are the self-defense tools used by security operatives? What are the deterrent measures to be taken against individuals who attack securitymen?” He also asked, “Did the victim request for backup to handle the situation? If yes, how many backup forces were sent to the location? How long did they take to get there?”

In addition, MP Tana requested to know the names and nationalities of the attackers and whether they have criminal records.

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