Wednesday , February 20 2019

Time bar for exiting the country after cancelling current residence

I am currently working on a factory iqama (18) with same sponsor for last three years. I have been offered a new job at another place and they are offering me visa which is a general trading company. Is there a rule that I cannot come back within a span of two years once I exit the country after cancelling my current iqama? Can my company apply for a new visa immediately as I leave the country after cancelling my current iqama?

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Answer: To the best of our knowledge, if you go through the necessary procedures to cancel your iqama and exit Kuwait, you can re-enter the country with a new work visa without any problems. Indeed we are not aware of any time bar within which you cannot re-enter Kuwait after exiting. The only time bar we are aware of is for those who come to Kuwait on visit visa and exit.

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