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Sunday , February 5 2023

Three major companies to be prosecuted for human trafficking of Bangladeshi nationals

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KUWAIT CITY, May 30: The Ministry of the Interior, represented by the General Administration of the Investigation of Residence Affairs, has begun opening files for 3 major companies on suspicions of human trafficking of expats into Kuwait. Even though they are classified companies and although they have many government contracts in the various ministries of the state it has been proven that they specialize in bringing in Bangladeshi workers only in exchange of huge money.

The competent security services in the Ministry of Interior have filtered more files of more than 100 companies since the announcement by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Anas Al-Saleh to open the file of residence permits wide and hold those accountable who are are involved in it.

The sources added that the Ministry of Interior referred them to the Public Prosecution without any exception all those who were on suspicions of trafficking after searching and investigating them and collecting information providing evidence of their involvement in this criminal activity before the referral process.

The sources pointed out that the 3 largest companies have more than 4,000 workers on their files, the majority of whom are Bangladeshi nationals even though to issue visa and allow them to enter into Kuwait requires security clearances from senior leaders of the Ministry of Interior is needed unlike most other nationalities.

The sources indicated that those companies obtained huge sum of money from poor Bangladeshi labor that they brought on the government contracts which they had won, in addition to that they were paid salary that does not exceed 70 dinars.

Other than the contracts concluded between these companies and the ministries with which these workers work. The sources pointed out that referring the files of these companies to the Public Prosecution is a matter of time, after documenting the information and evidence that showed its criminal activity in the residency trade.

The sources revealed that the officials of those companies, despite obtaining financial amounts for bringing in the labor from their countries also they laborers were exploited by paying part of their monthly salaries as commission.

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